Privacy Policy:
Tothocanvas is committed to protecting user’s personal data when you are using the website
This website is developed by tothocanvas developer team.


How Tothocanvas collect information:
Tothocanvas website collects information regarding user’s permission by this way:


  1. Registering user to the site
  2. Contact us by user.
  3. Subscribing our tothocanvas newsletter


Third Party Advertisements:
At the policy of Tothocanvas, the website may view or allow advertisements of third party services or products.

User Of Cookies:
Tothocanvas yet does not collect any user data based on cookies.


Accessing the website from outside Bangladesh:

All personal data submitted by users outside Bangladesh will be processed
in analogy with these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Tothocanvas reserves the right to update, modify , omit or any terms in the Privacy Policy.